Bishop Charles FailosiBishop Charles Failosi - Report 1

Dear Pastor Elma

I am very pleased to give you the report for the Ministry here in Malawi.


By then as the church we had only 14 branches as just the total but reliable ones were totaled to 11 branches. As the ministry we were very struggling because even giving was a very big problem. Everything seemed to be tough and stagnant. Little progress observed.

When Pastor Elma came in 2011 to Malawi first people experienced great revivals as her preaching of the Word of God was very unique indeed. This first mission trip to Malawi by Pastor Elma was like tilling the land and sowing the seed. It was great as many people received healing and deliverance. When she left for South Africa back with the team behind her in Malawi, it was awesome as the ministry started growing and increasing in number and quality (faith). Many souls received Christ as Savior and the number of churches increased to 18 branches from 14.

When Pastor came for the second time in Malawi, this time was like watering the seed that was planted and germinated. There was much revivals observed in the souls of people and deliverance continued to take place in the hearts of people and healings. I can not manage to mention the incidents which took place one by one because there were many. The way people live and think started to change for the better. On Sunday the last day of the Conference, Pastor Elma taught about giving and it was awesome as that time in our history, we registered the great record amount of money. After that occasion and Pastor Elma returned to South Africa, there were a lot of testimonies of what God did to their hearts through the preachings and teachings of the Word of God by Pastor Elma. Hence from that time again we realized much growth in the people's lives in different areas, faith, number and in giving. The number of branches increased from 18 to 23 branches. Glory to God! Even the lives of the orphans and aged changed because also Pastor Elma left clothes and and other things to be distributed to the needy of which I did.

This time Pastor Elma came with the team for the Annual Conference and also visited some new branches as she always does when she comes every time. We have a very great time, was a remarkable Conference in with sounds brought by Pastor Elma and Paul. We saw God moving in our midst and many people were set free and healed from different sicknesses. Whenever Pastor Elma and team come here and go back always there has been an increase in the number of churches and souls. For example, when Pastor Elma and Team left for South Africa, behind we experienced much growth and many testimonies came from all the branches about what God had done. The number of branches increased from 23 to 30 branches.We give glory to God for He has been doing to Malawi through Pastor Elma. Pastor Elma and team, you have been instrumental as far as church growth here in Malawi is concerned.

The bicycles' distribution was a great miracle because many people were surprised, even myself when I was just told to write down the list of the pastors and on Sunday during the conference we saw bicycles and three pastors received on the same day. This project also brought much encouragements to the pastors as really its historic and was a great need to the pastors. Many of our pastors live far from the Headquarters in Ngabu. The Bicycles distribution continued for the next three months and so far 12 pastors have received bikes. We give glory to God for this project also. May God continue to bless Pastor Elma and all the people who take part in giving towards this project and other areas. Its my prayer that this bicycles distribution continue because transportation is really a problem.

Since Pastor Elma has been coming with the team, even the women's ministry has been doing good. Ladies are doing great and they do even host meetings. Like here at Ngabu ladies meet every Friday to learn how to sow and other activities. Glory to God, the women's ministry was almost dead.

Since the time you have been coming to Malawi with Brother Joshua, the youth have been always been encouraged by Brother Joshua. The youth now hold youth meetings and really its great what is happening. I continue to ask Brother Joshua to always come and keep on encouraging the youth. Brother Joshua has also been a blessing to both us and the Youth.

The vision of the introduction of the Bible school means a lot again to the ministry here in Malawi. Ever since we started meeting for the Bible school sessions with the pastors there have been much impact. Most of our pastors and leaders were more religious before and the time we have watching the DVD's Teachings much improvements have taken place. These leaders are now able to discern the truth and differenciate the Law and Grace. What an honour it is to have Bible school in Malawi. My prayer is this Bible School will grow and develop to be a great Institution.

I really thank God for what is happening here. We thank Pastor Elma for creating the room to sponsor the three girls and one boy. Glory to God.

I thank God for the monthly allowance I receive from Pastor Elma. This has been historic to my ministry. Glory to God.

Let me report to you Pastor Elma that I have been receiving testimonies concerning the vegetable seeds you left. People have really benifted and are still benefiting. Some have been selling and getting money. Definately people are appreciating you Pastor Elma because many people's lives have changed and this continues really they will never remain the same.


  1. I have the great desire to see every pastor and leader receive Bible school training.
  2. To plant new other churches in trading centres and when a person completes Bible school should be located in these places and supported financially
  3. I have a great desire again to see most of our churches roofed with iron sheets.
  4. I have a burden to see orphans and aged are taken care of
  5. I have the desire to start pre-school

As the church/ministry is growing,there is much demand to visit for the churches. Sometimes I fail to visit the churches because of lack of fuel. Its my prayer that God will meet all these needs at the appointed time because the ministry really is expanding.

Finally, the entire church here in Malawi is very proud of you, Pastor Elma, for all what God has been doing here in Malawi. May God continue to bless you.

May God bless you,

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Charles Failosi

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