Bishop Charles FailosiBishop Charles Failosi - Report 2

Dear Pastor Elma

Greetings once again from Malawi in Christ name, Amen. How are you, your family and the ministry? Hopefully you are doing well. We are also doing fine.

I am very pleased to give you the number of churches or branches planted since you came here in June, 2013, last year. These branches are new and you did not visit them when you came and remember we had to visit some new branches. So these branches are new planted after the conference in June, 2013. Some of the new branches have not yet taken the photos. So the following are the names:

  1. Jasi BranchJasi
  2. Jombo
  3. Mapingo church
  4. Malikopo branch
  5. Chamboko branch
  6. Babiton branch
  7. Melo branch

There are all seven branches in total planted after the conference in June, 2013. Whenever you visit Malawi, there is always an increase, we give glory to God for all this growth. I did not include the branches planted since you started coming to Malawi the first time but only to talk after your visit in June, 2013, last year.

Jombo BranchFinally, I really thank God for you, Pastor Elma, for the great impact invested in the ministry here in Malawi. We are definitely very proud of you. I assure you that the ministry will continue to grow rapidly beyond the regions here in Malawi. You are such a wonderful minister God has given us and we are indeed very thankful and proud. All these churches, pastors and leaders plus members are looking forward to the August 2014 Conference.

Malikopo BranchLet me know if this time you will bring again the sound? Because we have started planning and preparing for the August 2014 Conference.

NB: Just to remind you that school is now opened and school fees is needed for Gift, and three girls.

May God bless you,

Mapingo ChurchYours in Christ,

Bishop Charles Failosi

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