Bishop Charles FailosiBishop Charles Failosi - Report 3

Dear Pastor Elma

Greetings once again from Malawi in the Name of Christ! Amen. How are you, family and ministry? We trust that you are doing well. We are also doing well on this side.

I am very pleased to give the report and feedback of the following areas:

  1. Conference of August 15 to 17, 2014 in Ngabu
  2. Visits to different churches on Monday, August 18, 2014
  3. Day conference in Doa
  4. Healing & testimonies
  5. Nursary
  6. School
  7. Bible school
  8. Outreach to elderly
  9. Vegetables
  10. Orphans

Conference - 15 to 17 August 2014 in Ngabu

I am very pleased to report that this year's conference was great, awesome and historic. The attendance was great, estimated to be over 3000 people. The preaching and teaching of the Word was great as God intervened in each and every session. I received countless testimonies from the people who attended the conference and God touched or healed them and also many people were delivered from evil spirits. Glory to God as pastors, leaders and church can hardly forget the outpouring experienced during the conference. Just after the conference 4 new branches joined us. What a wonderful God we are serving!

Visits on Monday to different branches, Ng'ombe, John 2, Tabwa 2, Sain & Jasi

After the conference, the time we had on Monday was very important as the churches visited were very encouraged and motivated and never remained the same, something new took place. I received a report that the first church visited at Ng’ombe that the people were sick got healed after being prayed. To make it short after the visitation to the churches, received testimonies of healing, church growth and there were no people who were prayed remained sick, all got healed. Glory to God for that. Like at John, the pastor was reporting to me that, ever since they had been in other churches, they never experienced such kind of teachings like they received from you, Pastor Elma, hence every week church getting new members.

Day Conference in Doa

The conference in Doa was also great as also for the first time the attendance was very encouraging as many came from distant places to attend the one day conference. After the preaching of the Word, many received the Christ as Lord and Savior and was great. Have been receiving reports from Doa that many people received healing, blessed and got delivered from traditions as many were bound from that. After the preaching of the Word, many are discovered to be very hungry for the Bible School. Glory to God as we have already plans to start Bible School in mid next month. Hence, in short many people got saved, healed,delivered and were amazed too with the preaching and teaching of the Word by Pastor Elma and other preachers.

Nursary School

I thank God because for along time it has been my desire to have the Nursary school at the church in Ngabu. At the appointed hour after receiving the different materials for teaching from you Pastor Elma, took a step to start the school. It is very amazing to report that this is just third week but we are having over 40 children attending the school. We have two teachers who are ladies doing the teaching. See the photo I already sent you via whatsapp. I really thank God for you Pastor Elma and all other people there who are taking part in developing this school. We are aiming high that the school will grow and introduce other classes in the near future. Because currently we are having only one class, nursary.

Bible School

The Bible school which was introduced here by you Pastor Elma is doing great and pastors and leaders are really doing great. The Bible school is growing really because of several factors like: Financial support to buy food for the pastors, provision of transport (bicycles) to the pastors, DVD Player and Screen and finally the recommendation to recruitment of secretary to help in the administration to translate study notes to Chichewa. I really thank God you Pastor Elma for all what God is doing to Malawi through you. Currently, we are having over 42 students who are doing Bible School and have been grouped according to the series of teachings. We give God all the glory.

Outreach to the Elderly

I thank God for you Pastor Elma, for the outreach materials left to be given to the elderly. What we did when I met all the pastors was to elect the special committee to do this job. Hence the ten member committee was elected and started doing this job. A lot of people benefited much. I really thank God for all the support of this kind because many people’s plight are relieved. May God continue to bless all the people who give these materials to the elderly.

Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable seeds were also given to the pastors and leaders to distribute to the families. And now many families have received and some have already sown, and some are busy preparing the place. For the Vegetable project, we also elected four pastors as advisors to visit each and every village to instruct people how to do it. Last year over 75 families sown the vegetable seeds and really benefited by also selling to get money and also eating as relish. This year over 400 families already received vegetables seeds and yet to finish the remaining and anticipate much to benefit from this project and definitely people's lives will never remain the same. I really thank God for this provision.


I thank God again this time for the support always brought by Pastor Elma from South Africa. Every year you come to Malawi with clothes, shoes etc for the orphan children here in Malawi. A lot of orphans have been receiving clothes and aged face clothes. We give glory to God for all what God is doing to the ministry here in Malawi and we are very proud indeed. There are a lot of orphans, vulnerable children in our areas of ministry but what we have done now is, have a specific number of orphans in the each and every village and catchment point is where our churches are. In each village we have 11 orphans to be targeted when ever we have any support like, clothes, shoes, soap and some foods should be given to the already identified orphans. And we started this with the support of clothes and some shoes we received from you, Pastor Elma. We have also identified two people, mother and father, in every village to look after these orphans. We give glory to God for any support we receive to help the orphans. Some photos will be sent later of the orphans receiving clothes.


I Really thank God for all what He is doing to Malawi through you, Pastor Elma. The just ended conference was just superb and unforgettable. As the result ministry is very growing and very soon will saturate Malawi. Currently, we are having over 41 branches. Glory to God. Our constant prayers are that in the future you Pastor Elma and the team come twice or thrice a year to Malawi.

Finally, we are all very proud of you and team, ever since you started coming to Malawi, a lot of changes have taken place which are great for the ministry, a lot of developments have taken place. We give glory to God for all what is happening to us.

May God Bless you,

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Charles Failosi

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