Prophetic Word for 2015

We are awake and His Light is streaming through
The Door is open for me and for you
We are stepping up and stepping through
As the scales are coming off
Truly we see into the realm from above

In realms of His Grace and Power
We’re walking in the splendor of His Glory every hour
We are hearing, we are seeing
We have received His promises divine

By faith possessing it step by step
Advancing by His strength and power
Day by day gaining ground
Steadfastly increasing the reach of the Kingdom from Heaven

Of the increase of His government – Of the increase of His peace
There will be no end
Changing lives one by one
Till the whole earth is filled with His glory
The atmosphere alight, with His Spirit and Might

By Grace we are saved - By His Blood we are cleansed
By His Word we walk, in Power and Light
By His Spirit we release, Glory divine
By His Body we show forth the many sided wisdom of God

By His Faith we possess
Walking into the inheritance left by the Son
Shaking off the earthly things that so easily ruled over us
Until we stand in the fullness of His Grace and Power

Perfected by the Blood and blameless in His sight
Subduing the earthly things, putting it to flight
Till the whole of creation are released in awe and wonder

Standing as Sons - serving only One
One Baptism - One Body - One Faith
One Father, Spirit and Son
Fullness of the Godhead - in everyone

Reflecting His Glory with faces shining bright
Not glory that is fading away
But, the Glory that remains every day
Reflecting the face of our Beloved Christ

Rise up Church – your Redeemer has come
Rise up Church – the victory is won
Rise up Church it’s time to move
Claiming that which is rightfully ours
Released by the New Testament in Blood that very hour

The cycle of lack has been broken
The unqualified is qualified – the rejected has been accepted
The cycle of not enough has end
Every seed of increase is mine – harvest has taken over
Time has come to reap with joy

The increase will grow and grow
In blessing we are blessed till it overflow
With multiplication we will multiply to the left to the right
We are gaining ground, stepping out the darkness of night

No more lack – no more fear
No more weakness – no more sickness
We are redeemed from every weapon and curse
This is the inheritance of every saint

We are lifted and seated on high
Established by Word and Spirit in His endless Love
Step by step walking in every promise from above
Forward Church, let’s move on to perfection!

Elma Jacobs
January 2015

Prophetic Word 2014

In 2013 we heard about the overflow
The Word of abundance came with precision and power
Those who received it, experienced the flow
For those not - God’s Word is still true in this very hour

Awake child, awake!
There are holy things prepared
They need to be received and discovered
Step up and step through
The Door has always been opened for you 

God is on the move
He wants to do it through you
No more looking to the things that will distract
Revelation of the Son, now is in you 

We are sons of the most, High God
We are heirs of His very throne
Awake my soul, awake!
Awake my spirit, awake! 

No more slumber, no more sleep
No more hiding in the shadows of man

Step up and step through to things heavenly deep
Moving forward with boldness in His divine plan

No more dwelling in the shadows of religion
It is time to stand for what you have received
Laying hold on the things above

There is so much more, and it all speaks of His great love
The light of His countenance shines upon you
Turn your eyes on Him and let God through
Let Jesus fill your eyes and you will see

How the Spirit will find expression through thee
Awake my spirit, awake!
Awake my soul, awake!
There are signs to see and miracles to perform

Awake to righteousness – slumber not in the religious norm!

Those in darkness will marvel at His Light
As we lead them through by His power and might
Through the Spirit we’re stepping up, and stepping through
All of us, not just a few!

Elma Jacobs - January 2014

Prophetic Word 2012

This is the year for true separation
This is the time for a great divide
God's saints will rise and stand apart in every tribe and nation
The spirit of the Son will no longer hide

Christ did not come to restore the old
Jesus said: "Look, I make all things new"
He came to fulfill that what was foretold
Those who catch it, will no longer be just a few

The old - is very old
The new - is very new
Life in Christ no more hidden
The child full of fear, we outgrew

No longer are we divided in our love
Our hearts made one from the Spirit within
Together we belong to the One from above
Governed by the one true King

It is the year of proclamation
We are the messengers of Life
We sound the trumpet of salvation
Ears will be open, and hearts will revive

Give not your ears to the prophets of death
No entrance must be found for the sounds of fear
Living and moving with faith in every breath
Holding out the Word of Life, for all who draw near

The promises of God are yes and true
Do not let them slip through
Stand strong and by faith you will see
That the Lord God will make them come to thee

Elma Jacobs - January 2012

Prophetic Word for 2011

The battle may not yet be over
But, we already know the outcome
Because of Christ
The battle is won

Through His Grace and Mercy
But, above all His Love
We have already overcome

Raise up our head
Gird up your loins
Pick up your feet
Lift up your eyes
For the Lamb, the Perfect One has come

Lengthen your stride
Spread out wide
Break to the left
Sweep out to the right
Lift up your arms
Take to flight
For Perfection has come

Breath in Peace
Breath out Joy
Breath in Love
Breath out Life
In Christ the battle is won

No more lack
No more burden
No more hindrance
No more doubt
No more sweat
No more striving
Because of His great Love

He filled the gap
He repaired the breach
He slain the dragon
He cornered the thief
Perfection has come

Pick up the pace, let us run our race
For the Banner of Love, is flying above
It's for all to see, His perfection in me
Knowing I'm loved, by the One above

No more delay, no more postponing
He leveled the mountain, He removed the stone
When Perfection comes
The imperfect is gone

The battle may not yet be over
But, we already know the outcome
Because of His great love for me
In 2011, Perfection has come

Elma Jacobs - 1 January 2011

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